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Clearance Information - Employee

Click on this link:
  • Click on: Create Individual Account
  • Create a Keystone ID and Password (this is the same thing as a Username)
  • An email will be sent to the email address you provide; in that email will be a code along with a link
  • Click on that link, and enter the code
  • From there, create your application
Creating an account and submitting your clearance application online will give you access to your results or the status of your results almost immediately.
Once you completed the application, you will receive an email that has a link in it. Following that link will take you to your results; you can print that form and submit.
Applicants can go to the Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History website and apply for their criminal record check online with the Pennsylvania State Police at:
  • Click on Submit A New Record Check, then click Individual Request
Once you complete the application, you will be able to print your certificate almost immediately. Click on the words “Certification Form,” which will take you to your official results.  Print that document, and submit.
3. Federal Criminal History Background Checks
The fingerprint-based background check is a multiple-step process, as follows:
  1. Registration – Click on this link:
    • The applicant must register prior to going to the fingerprint location
  • During the pre-enrollment process, all demographic data for the applicant is collected (name, address, etc.) along with notices about identification requirements and other important information
  • When registering on-line, an applicant is required to use a service code:
         For Kid's Stop - 1KG738 Child Care Services/Program Employee or Contractor (Any employee or contractor of a child care service or program, including but not limited to a child care center or home, residential facility or center, behavioral health service, substance use service, early intervention service, or child care service offered by a school.)
         For Recreation - 1KG756 Employee >=14 Years Contact w/ Children (An employee age 14 or older who would not fall under the child care services/program employee or contractor definition, and who has care, supervision, guidance or control of children or routine interaction with children.)
Payment - The applicant will pay a fee of $22.60 for the fingerprint service and to secure a copy of the Criminal History Record.  No cash transactions or personal checks are allowed.